Birding in South Texas

Kingsville Area Fast Facts For Birders
  • Five different kinds of orioles are known to nest here

  • Twenty-five different raptor species have been recorded here

  • Among largest count of Harris' Hawks, White-tailed Hawks and Crested Caracara

  • Largest U.S. Population of nesting Tropical Parula

  • Area lies in the two greatest flyways of Western Hemisphere

  • Primary funnel for migratory wildlife Coastal Migration Corridor for neotropics

  • Route for Circum Gulf migrants

  • Stopover for Trans Gulf migrants

  • Mild winters -great wintering area

  • At least twelve specialty birds can be seen in summer months

  • South Texas bird count (450 species) rates second to Sonora Desert (500 species)

  • South Texas known as "The Last Great Habitat" in conservation and environmental research

  • Green Jay on Christmas Bird Count usually higher than any other place

  • See Vermilion Flycatcher in winter

  • See Scissor-tailed Flycatcher in summer

  • One of the highest Christmas Bird Count areas without significant coastline

  • In top 50 out of 800 in Christmas Bird Count

 Birding Hotspots

More information on the Kingsville “Birding Loop” – Texas Parks & Wildlife

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